Build LLM apps fast AF.

Baseplate helps teams add production-ready LLM capabilities into their apps in hours, not weeks.

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End-to-End LLM Workflows

Prompt Engineer like a Pro

Playground+ makes prompt engineering fun and easy. Baseplate allows you to collaborate with teammates, compare prompts, and analyze results.

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Use Cases

Build a variety of flexible and powerful AI applications

Context-Based Q&A

Baseplate Helps You Get Production Ready

Built for Scale

    Baseplate is built for LLM apps that will scale to millions of users and interact with TB's of data. Maintain the accuracy, speed, and reliability of your application as you grow.


Unit Testing

    Define your tests and we'll take care of the rest. Built in validators for checking links, JSON equality, and code syntax.

Human Feedback

    Invite reviewers and collaborators to rate from the console or through our API. Use this data to fine tune better models.


Beyond The Playground

    When you're ready, use our API endpoint to deploy the prompt, embeddings, and configuration you've built.

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